22 Cal Sig Sauer Gas Piston Air Rifle Silencer, Hunting Rifle, Magnum Power

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SIG Sauer ASP20 Gas-Piston Breakbarrel Air Rifle

  • Gas-Piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Weaver/Picatinny Rail
  • Black Synthetic Stock
  • Integrated Suppressor
  • 2-Stage Adjustable MatchLite Trigger‚ 2.5-4 lbs trigger pull
  • GlideLite Cocking Mechanism
  • Wedge Lock Breech System eliminates barrel droop

SSG ASP20 Air Rifle .22‚ Synthetic‚ Suppressor (AIR-ASP20-2221)

SIG Sauer breaks into the breakbarrel airgun market with the US made ASP20 Break Barrel Rifle‚ a suppressed single-shot‚ gas piston rifle ideal for backyard target shooting and taking down small game.

Available in .177 and .22 the ASP20 uses a gas piston powerplant that is specially calibrated to deliver its pellets downrange at optimal speeds for accuracy and energy.  The added benefit of this powerplant is the ability to shoot in colder weather without sacrificing power as you would with a spring-piston.  Each uses a Glidelite Cocking Mechanism to ensure that your cocking effort is a smooth and manageable 33 lbs.  In the .177 caliber‚ the ASP20 slings pellets at 1021 fps‚ and at 841 fps in .22 to dump 20 to 23 FPE into your targets.  This design is based on the notion that subsonic pellets will fire more accurately‚ a maxim that proves true time and time again among premium airguns.  Built for quiet backyard shooting‚ those powerful shots are all moderated by an integrated suppressor.   

Moving to the action‚ the ASP20 features an adjustable 2-stage Matchlite Trigger‚ designed for smooth and consistent trigger pulls to aid in accurate shot placement. A proprietary drill-pinned Breach Wedge Lock System also aids in improved accuracy by perfectly lining up the action with the barrel.  A long Weaver/Picatinny rail awaits your choice of optics‚ and all of these features are set into an ergonomic black synthetic stock with checkering on the grip and forend.  

All of these options culminate in a superior gas-piston breakbarrel air rifle that lives up to SIG’s legacy of crafting airguns with innovative technology and quality construction that deliver hours of shooting fun.

  • Caliber: 0.22
  • Max Velocity: 841 ft/sec
  • Weight (lbs): 8.50
  • Overall Length: 45.60 in
  • Capacity: 1 round(s)
  • Action: Break barrel
  • Powerplant: Gas piston

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